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Excelsior Management Solutions has revolutionized the real estate & Investment industry. The firm was designed to go far beyond simply facilitating investment transactions. It was developed as an entire system dedicated to maximizing value for investors and creating unique capital raising strategies that were known and tailored to the 1 percent.


In 2011, our founders' launched a new investment business model based on a unique method of matching each investor with small to large scale investment options equalling up to 600 million USD. These options consisted of luxury lifestyle properties to a wall street telecom. This simple premise—coupled with an unfailing drive to measure success by client satisfaction—enabled us to emerge in the industry focused on capital raising exercises, minimizing risk, project management, creating high annual returns for our clients as well as creating unique investment options for our investors.


Our founders' vision has been realized by a commitment to specialization, our willingness to foster a culture of information sharing of unique investment options and the foresight to financial advantages for our investors. Today, Excelsior Management Solutions is the industry’s most culturally diverse firm servicing investors from the Dominican Republic to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our specialization in real estate, investment, sales, management, risk management and capital raising strategies, as well as a leading source of research and advisory services is by far the most distinguished from our competitors.


Our senior management team, including our founders, remains dedicated to a tradition of reinventing the ultimate platform for real estate and unique industry investment options.  

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