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Pursuing a career at Excelsior Management Solutions can be an immensely rewarding experience. You’ll work in a collegial atmosphere where personal and professional friendships flourish, alongside skilled and knowledgeable people who take pride in their work and treat each other with professionalism and respect. Our diverse work force reflects the ever changing world in which we do business. Excelsior Management Solutions employees have the chance to take on new challenges in a setting that fosters creativity and collaboration. It is a place where fresh ideas and new perspectives make for an exciting work environment. 

The Firm is committed to helping all of our employees reach their fullest potential. To this end, we strive to continually enhance the professional-development resources available to our employees.

We invite you to explore the many opportunities that await you by joining the Excelsior Management Solutions team. Discover why our employees are integral to Excelsior Management Solutions success.​


Excelsior Management Solutions offers a wide range of employment opportunities for professional staff—after all, it takes great people to make a great firm! If you meet the qualifications of a position that interests you, please submit your resume by email through department desired. 

Please note that responses will be given to candidates who closely meet our qualifications.




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